Webtech X Webflow Template

Presenting Webtech X, the ultimate SaaS & Technology Webflow Template.

Integrations - Webtech X Webflow TemplateBlog V3 - Webtech X Webflow TemplateAbout - Webtech X Webflow TemplateHome V1 - Webtech X Webflow TemplateHome V2 - Webtech X Webflow TemplateBlog V1 - Fintech X Webflow Template Blog V1 - Webtech X Webflow Template
Features V1 - Webtech X Webflow TemplateFeatures V3 - Webtech X Webflow TemplateHome V3 - Webtech X Webflow TemplateCareers - Webtech X Webflow TemplateIntegrations - Webtech X Webflow TemplateBlog V2 - Webtech X Webflow Template

What is included in Webtech X

Webtech X Webflow Template includes over 30 pages in total, with more than 70 sections, and 3 different Home pages, 3 Blog pages, and 3 Features pages.

Page Included - Webtech X Webflow Template
30+ Pages
Sections - Webtech X Webflow Template
70+ Sections
Components And Styles - Webtech X Webflow Template
25+ Styles & Symbols
Figma file included

Send us an email to webtechx@brixtemplates.com with your purchase receipt, and we will send you the editable Figma file for the Webtech X template.

Request Figma file
Figma File Included - Webtech X Webflow Template

Arbol Student Application

Personalized Financial Plans

Guide students towards a brighter future with financial plans generated based on students actual financial situation.

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Financial Marketplace

Compile all of your campus resources and financial literacy into one, easy-to-access place, maximizing your investments.

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Health Check-Up

The financial health checkup provides a comprehensive overview of a student's financial picture, covering nine categories ranging from financial aid to personal spending.

Completion And Accountability

Turning plans into action and helping students stay on track. This also provides support staff insights and the ability to hold students accountable.

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Notifications And Nudges

Reinforce and remind students to take action ensuring they progress towards financial sustainability.

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