Guidance for Your Most Financially Vulnerable Students
Arbol's financial success tools provide students with financial management solutions, while institutions with a proactive alert system to assist their most financially vulnerable students.

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We enable the transformative opportunities of higher education by advancing student success through financial wellness.

Who we are

As three first-gen college students, we have all experienced the transformative power of higher education. We're driven to help underserved students with the financial strains of college, and help students persist to graduation.

We also want to help institutions become more accessible and eliminate the socioeconomic barriers that prevent colleges and universities from serving as many students as possible.

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What we do

We provide colleges and universities with financial analyses to help identify students who are financially vulnerable, coping, or secure.

From there, we provide the most financially vulnerable and coping students with budgets and plans to become more secure.

Through our support, Arbol enables financial aid, student support, and academic advisors to focus on what they do best.

Ultimately, we help colleges and universities enroll more students and see improvements in retention as well as persistence.

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Our Luminary Partners Light the Way

Partner schools are currently working with us to provide their students with financial planning resources.

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100% Retention, Improved Financial Literacy, and Hidden Financial Barriers Eliminated

Located in Cheektowaga, NY, Villa Maria College partnered with Arbol to pilot financial advising services for 20 students. All 20 students retained and improved their financial literacy.

Moreover, Arbol and Villa Maria College unlocked data and insights regarding financial barriers, which led to a successful and innovative program to serve students better.

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Incredible ROI and
Re-Enrolled 70% of Program Stop-Outs

As a community college in Western New York, SUNY Erie struggles with stop-outs. By partnering with Arbol on a pilot program, SUNY Erie re-enrolled 70% of their pilot program stop-out students.

In turn, these measures led to a 7200% return on their investment (including fees and net tuition revenue).

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Student Outcomes

Arbol helps students become financially secure and persist towards graduation.

Angela Simasiku graduation picture

Angela Simasiku

Currently enrolled in law school at Georgia State University, Arbol helped Angela manage her finances and graduate on-time.

"Words cannot express how thankful I am for your financial support! My education has always been of utmost importance to me, and to be rewarded in this way is very humbling."

Sarah Ash Arbol event Rochester picture

Sarah Ash

Heading into her second full year at Washington University in St. Louis, Arbol helped Sarah manage textbook costs and other expenses.

"The knowledge and passion of the employees is observable  in their communication and quality of their work. I am absolutely elated to be part of the first group of students who are able to experience Arbol’s platform."

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Jonathan Braithwaite

Jonathan is an award-winning student, pursuing a pharmacy degree. Arbol helped him manage his finances as well as find new grants.

"My experience with the Arbol team has been amazing! I have learned more about my spending habits and have learned how to budget efficiently. I enjoy the support that the Arbol team gives me!"

Breanna picture

Breanna Marchewka

Breanna is a high achiever, who struggled with tuition, living expenses, and credit card debt. Using Arbol's financial plans, she paid off her debt and obtained new scholarships.

"My experience with Arbol has been amazing! They give more than financial advice they also give you advice for your life!"

Emily Cott best intern picture

Emily Cott

Emily is currently an intern at Arbol. She guides our social media and helps provide valuable insights on the product experience. Emily is in her last semester at Villa Maria College.

"My experience with Arbol has been amazing! I've learned so much on how to budget and keep track of my finances. "

Simple, yet powerful features with human empathy and insights

Privacy and Security

Data privacy and security are at the forefront of Arbol's mission. Arbol stores minimal student financial data in a secure financial tech aggregator, guarded by advanced algorithmic security. This process not only keeps information safe but also makes it easy for students to see their full financial picture.

Arbol stores minimal institutional data in a private, secured server accessible to only your account manager and Arbol's student support staff.

Arbol's data connector tool is certified in internationally-recognized security standards, like ISO 27001, ISO 27701, and is SSAE18 SOC 2 compliant.

Here's a copy of our updated privacy policy:

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Desktop app

With students on the go, we wanted to keep their financial data secure but accessible. Using the Arbol App, students can see the status of all of their accounts. They can check their income and outgoing payments. Students can also see their Arbol Score ™ and insights regarding their financial health.

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Desktop app

Campus advisors and administrators can quickly review their students' financial progress, and examine any potential impacts on academic performance.

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Insights and Analysis

Using a powerful algorithm, Arbol provides real-time insights and suggested actions that guide students towards better financial decisions that keep them on track to graduate.

For administrators, Arbol reveals hidden financial barriers. Arbol helped Villa Maria College identify transportation challenges.

Using this data, Villa Maria College created an innovative program to help students travel to and from campus.

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