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Let’s partner together to empower students

The #1 reason college students do not complete their degree is financial.
Arbol is reducing student dropouts by preventing financial disruption.

Avoid Financial Emergencies

Go from reactive to proactive with better insights and data

Improve Retention

Empower your most at-risk students with the tools they need for success

Enhance Student Financial Confidence

Build a student body that's financially capable, prepared, and resilient

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and support our clients

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Institutional Staff

Explore how to support students financially at scale


Receive guidance and tools to stay enrolled


Explore our campus insights and how we support your institution

Provide students the right resources at the right time
Reconfiguring student aid packages
Increase access and awareness to campus resources
Know which students will face financial disruption before it happens
Set up financial wellness coaching sessions
Reduce staff time spent responding to financial emergencies
How We Help

Incredible outcomes with real impact

Arbol is the first holistic financial wellness platform designed specifically for college students, tracking their financial situation and guiding them toward brighter futures.

Our proprietary, nudge-based system was built by co-founder Favio Osorio, an experienced wealth manager at institutions such as Truist and M&T Bank, bringing the secrets of wealth and financial success to teenagers and young adults.

"Villa Maria chose to partner with Arbol because we have a very strong commitment to supporting low income students. Arbol's whole mission is to provide financial and also other types of support to help students be successful. It's a perfect mission match"

Matthew Giordano, Ph.D
Villa Maria College

"I am grateful for our partnership and the opportunity this collaboration provides to better serve our students!"

Harold Fields
VP Student Affairs Canisius University

"Keuka College is delighted by this new partnership and how it will contribute to the holistic development of our students and their continued success. Thank you, Arbol!"

Heather Maldonado
Vice President for Student Development
Keuka College

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