Empower students for financial success

Engaging financial plans meet students where they are, helping them grasp their finances, pay down their net cost, and ensure their basic needs are met.
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What Matters

Ensuring finanical needs are met

Our application empowers students to take action, providing an engaging experience that alleviates the anxiety of managing financial aid and personal finances. By doing so, it ultimately helps in reducing dropout rates.

Pay Down The Net Price

Assist students in understanding their remaining bill balance and the necessary steps to cover the gap effectively.

Cover Non-Tuition Expenses

Clarify additional costs to students and provide effective strategies for covering them.

Ensure Basic Needs Are Met

Ensure students grasp their essential needs and how to meet them financially.

How it works

Explore financial plans

Financial plans are central to the application, driving engagement by guiding users to take action to reduce their net cost, manage personal finances, and avoid financial holds. Instead of videos, we connect recommendations into outcomes.

Net Price To Zero

Ensure students pay what's left over after financial aid and merit scholarships are provided.

Financial Hold Recovery

Guiding students to paying their past due balance while preventing future recurrence.

Achieving Financial Stability

Ensure students understand personal finances and can cover living costs while balancing school and work.

Student Testimonials

Financial tools that drive student engagement

Arbol's tools help students benchmark their finances, navigate college payment steps, and access campus resources. This boosts awareness, offers encouragement, and reduces financially driven drop out.

Words cannot express how thankful I am for your financial support! My education has always been of utmost importance to me, and to be rewarded in this way is very humbling.

Angela Simasiku

The knowledge and passion of the employees is observable  in their communication and quality of their work. I am absolutely elated to be part of the first group of students who are able to experience Arbol’s platform.

Sarah Ash

I've learned so much on how to budget and keep track of my finances. I now have visual imagery to help me stay on target with my monthly bills and savings plan.

Emily Cott

My experience with the Arbol team has been amazing! I have learned more about my spending habits and have learned how to budget efficiently. I enjoy the support that the Arbol team gives me!

Jonathan Braithwaite

The Arbol app gave me exposure to gain certain life skills that I've never had to use before and that I will need to use in the future.  

Keenan Edwards

I think it's very important for college students to have the Arbol app. As someone who has never had the opportunity to learn how to manage money in high school, I know firsthand this is a useful tool for first generation college students.

Javonte Washington
Canisius University removes financial holds and instills financial knowledge with Arbol
SUNY Erie requires students to use Arbol to reduce financial holds
Buffalo State University used Arbol to close the gap with their grit scholars
Keuka College uses Arbol to improve financial confidence with their students
Villa Maria College has every incoming student using Arbol
An Empathic Approach

Built with a purpose

Arbol's platform embodies the firsthand experiences of its co-founders, who are first-generation college graduates and have encountered financial challenges themselves. With input from institutional staff and students, Arbol was developed collaboratively, ensuring it addresses the real-world concerns of its users. As part of the University at Buffalo incubator program and with a college campus advisory board, Arbol is deeply integrated into the academic community, continuously refining its services to better serve students and institutions alike.

"Villa Maria chose to partner with Arbol because we have a very strong commitment to supporting low income students. Arbol's whole mission is to provide financial and also other types of support to help students be successful. It's a perfect mission match"

Matthew Giordano, Ph.D
Villa Maria College

"I am grateful for our partnership and the opportunity this collaboration provides to better serve our students!"

Harold Fields
VP Student Affairs Canisius University

"Keuka College is delighted by this new partnership and how it will contribute to the holistic development of our students and their continued success. Thank you, Arbol!"

Heather Maldonado
Vice President for Student Development
Keuka College

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