There is a vicious cycle costing higher education 16.5 billion dollars.
There is a confluence of enrollment, funding, and student experience challenges in higher education, but Arbol can help.
Graphic of college fiscal crisis

Whether it is the long-heralded demographic cliff, the declining perception of higher education, decreased funding, increased competition in primary or secondary territories, the increased cost of recruiting travel, the need to pursue new channels to connect with students, institutions feel more pressure than ever when recruiting their students.

Arbol helps institutions by providing much needed support: financial literacy and advising for students, guidance to help students avoid registration holds, as well as access to external aid.

Moreover, Arbol helps institutions use their staff and resources more efficiently on academic and social challenges.

Ultimately, our goal is to help higher education recoup $16,500,000,000.

Today's college students have never dealt with more challenges

Financial Strains